All Saints Day at the Home of the Saints

As an IB school, we talk often about being risk-takers. We understand that we shouldn’t opt not to do something simply out of fear of failure. If we set a goal, and fail to achieve it, there is still much that can be learned and accomplished with that failure. On this day of All Saints, we recognize and celebrate those saints who have gone before us, and we realize that we too are called to be saints.

We use that phrase often enough, “Be a Saint,” but what if we actually tried it? The probability of over 500 students from a small Catholic school in Lakewood, Ohio being canonized through the Catholic Church is a complex math problem that should live in Mrs. McGuire’s classroom. If we all approached each day with that goal, however, imagine the great things we could do. Even if we fail to be recognized as worthy of universal veneration, the sincere attempt to live each day as a saint would impact so many lives.

Just yesterday, our preschool and kindergarten students paraded through the school to collect food that will change the lives of those who are hungry. Our 7th grade students are currently in the middle of a campaign to better the lives of amputees around the world. Fittingly, our service at St. Pat’s Hunger Center, now in its ninth year as a staple of LCA’s commitment to the greater community, begins this evening as a group of 6th & 7th grade students visits St. Pat’s to serve the first of over twenty meals that LCA will support this year. All of those are large scale efforts that require planning and coordination. We can also be Saints by holding the door, by helping picking up a dropped item, or by comforting someone who is upset.

Our challenge today, and in all the days ahead, is to truly Be a Saint. Even if we fail to reach official saintly status, we can still make a difference in many ways, in many lives.

Be a Saint!
~ Michael Fletcher, Dean of Students