Redefining Potential

Lakewood Catholic Academy hosted its first annual Great Lake Shake this past December. This event was a sixth grade competition where students demonstrated their professional communication skills. They dined with educational leaders, conversed with area leaders and mingled with business professionals. The guest judges evaluated the students based upon their conversation skills, handshake, eye contact, etc. These soft skills are critically important in a world that increasingly values impersonal, technological communication.

The students confessed that they were nervous before the competition and didn’t know if they could do it. However, our sixth grade student saints were brilliant. The judges all commented how impressed they were with the skills of our students. Many judges admitted that the students did a better job than many business professionals!

Our two champions, Annabella DeFrasia and Eleanor Mitchell, recently traveled to Atlanta for the National Amazing Shake Competition hosted by The Ron Clark Academy. Annabella excelled in the preliminary rounds, and Eleanor continued to the final rounds of competition placing seventh in the nation. These young ladies represented Lakewood Catholic Academy exceptionally well.

We are already making plans for next year’s Great Lake Shake among many other programs. At LCA we redefine potential; we reimagine what is possible. We have high standards for ourselves and our students and that is what makes our school so extraordinary!