Easter Blessings

Christ has died. Christ has risen. Christ will come again. These words are a reminder of what has happened and allows us to think of what we must look forward to. As we celebrate Easter, the Resurrection of our Lord, we are reminded that Jesus overcame sin and death. This marks the victory of good over evil. Let us all live in the joy the Resurrection has brought us. As we are reminded that Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again, let us remember that Jesus is alive and in our midst each day. He is working through each one of us.

We have the opportunity to spread the love of Christ to all we encounter. On Holy Thursday, LCA teachers and administrators followed Jesus’ example of self-giving love and washed the hands of students at our Holy Thursday prayer service. May this be a reminder for us to serve our neighbor as Jesus has served us.

Let us rejoice as Jesus’ story does not end with death, but with a Savior whom we know, love, and serve. As we enter this Easter season, let us not forget to keep Christ at the center of our lives and lead as He did. We wish you all a Blessed Easter!

~ Courtney Ryan, Second Grade Teacher and Campus Minister