Opening School Liturgy

On the Feast of Saint Augustine 

Today we celebrate the opening liturgy of our new school year. Throughout this year, we, the Saints of Lakewood Catholic Academy, will recognize and celebrate the lives of those saints whose examples we strive to follow.

Today we celebrate the Feast of St. Augustine, a Bishop and Doctor of the church. St. Augustine holds a special place in our hearts. He is an example of how to recognize our wrongs and how to bring ourselves closer to God. We know, as students, that it is important for us to learn from our mistakes, and the life of St. Augustine offers a great example of that lesson.

St. Augustine is the patron saint of the Sisters of Charity, whose motherhouse once stood just a few feet from where we gather this afternoon. We continue their holy work today, on the holy ground that is 14808 Lake Avenue. St. Augustine is the saint after whom our building was once named – and to whom our own school library has been dedicated.

As we begin a new school year, we commit ourselves to following the example of St. Augustine by growing closer and closer to God each day.