Pro Aliis Winners – Women for Others

May is a special month at Lakewood Catholic Academy.   It is the time that we celebrate mothers, wrap up the school year and show our gratitude for people who give of themselves through service to the school.  This month, we will honor Mrs. Julia Artbauer and Mrs. Linda McCafferty with the school’s Pro Aliis award.   This is an annual award recognizing the volunteer efforts of people that serve the school and are “people for others”.

When making the decision on who we would present this award to, it was not difficult to choose.  These ladies have stepped in to help Lakewood Catholic Academy in leadership roles for the annual Gala, the school’s largest fundraiser.  Their specialty is to make things beautiful.  And how easy this comes for them . . . not only are they beautiful – inside and out – but they have a unique way of making everything look beautiful. 

In the development world, we often speak of our donors and friends as giving of their time, talent and treasure.  These words speak volumes of what Julia and Linda give to LCA and our families.

Time – In their already busy lives, they make thoughtful decisions and spend their time to make the event enjoyable for our guests who attend to support the students and faculty of LCA.  With any event, expenses can cut into the dollars actually raised.  It takes a lot of volunteer hours to make this happen and the cost of paying someone to do what they do would decrease the dollars raised.

Talent – Take a peak . . . a picture is worth a thousand words.

Treasure – It takes a special person who is willing to work hard.   But volunteering long hours with a smile on your face and a spark in your step is not always easy.  Their willingness to jump in when needed for the benefit of the school is invaluable.  In return, they ask for nothing. 

It is not surprising that on the same day we honor these special women, our students will participate in the May Crowning ceremony in which we honor the Virgin Mary as the “Queen of May and Heaven.”  Julia and Linda truly are the “Queens of LCA”.  These women give their time, talent and treasure.  Lakewood Catholic Academy is blessed that they share this with our school – they are women for others.  May God bless them and all of the mothers of Lakewood Catholic Academy.

~ Nikki Mohar, Director of Development