About Us

We opened our doors in August 2005 as a consolidated Catholic school, joining together 3 existing Lakewood parish schools: Saint Clement, Saint James, and Saint Luke. In 2010, we welcomed the newly-merged Transfiguration parish to our family when the church’s affiliated elementary school, Saint Cyril and Methodius, was faced with closing.

Our 9-acre campus is a landmark dating back to 1891, when the same grounds were established as the home of the pioneering Sisters of Charity of Saint Augustine. The first Sisters journeyed from France to Cleveland in 1851 to begin healthcare and service ministries in Ohio City and found their way to Lakewood in 1891.

In essence, Lakewood has not only been our home for the last 15+ years, but for the last 100+!

When the campus became available in 2005 after the all-girls high school Saint Augustine Academy closed, we found a place to call home.

We proudly carry on the tradition and legacy of SERVICE, STRENGTH, and PERSEVERANCE modeled by the Sisters, our supporting parishes, and other partners and benefactors. Today, we educate 440 students in grades K-8, and 210 children in our Early Childhood Program.