LCA Ambassadors

We invite you to connect with our parent and alumni Ambassadors and learn why they love LCA! They’ll provide firsthand experience and feedback on what it’s like to be a member of the LCA community.

Each Ambassador’s contact information is provided in their profile below. Feel free to reach out to them to engage in further conversation. When you contact them, you can expect a response typically within 24-48 hours.

Contact LCA’s Office of Admissions at 216-521-0559 ext. 3026 or via chat if you need assistance.

  • Tim Austin, Alumni Parent Ambassador

    Children in Grades: Graduated

    Email Address:

    Phone Number: 216-403-0012

    City: Westlake

    Why Do You Love LCA? I am honored to be a part of this community. It is more than a school and more than an educational institution. LCA is a family. A family that teaches humility, spirituality, generosity, courtesy and many other life building blocks. They teach these characteristics daily while educating youth for the next level of their education. My family is forever grateful for the introduction to LCA.

  • Wendy Jarchow

    Wendy Jarchow, Parent Ambassador

    Children in Grades: 5th and 6th

    Email Address:

    Phone Number: 312-515-9033

    City: Lakewood

    Why Do You Love LCA? We love LCA for many reasons, but a few include . . . the leadership. The teachers. The philosophy on educating the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.  The campus. The sense of community.  The most important is that the sum of these and many others equates to the love of school our children experience.  We know this sets them up for success.

  • Katherine Wensink

    Katherine Wensink, Parent Ambassador

    Children in Grades: 5th and Graduated

    Email Address:

    Phone Number: 216-287-9869

    City: Bay Village

    Why Do You Love LCA? I love LCA for a number of reasons including: The love, students are encouraged to be kind to all, not just their friends, truly living like Christ; the education, wherever students are on the academic spectrum, they are met with challenges and support; the active involvement in Lakewood and Cleveland; the encouragement of the arts; a healthy lunch everyday in the school’s dining program.

  • Cormac Nolan

    Cormac Nolan, Alumni Ambassador

    Email Address:

    High School: St. Ignatius

    College/University: Washington University in St. Louis

    Why Do You Love LCA? I love LCA because of its flawless combination of a welcoming community, an environment that pushes you to grow, and a wholehearted, enthusiastic adoption of new ideas and teaching techniques. They say hindsight is 20/20 and looking back I can clearly see that LCA put me miles ahead as I started my high school journey.

  • Chloe Becker, Alumni Ambassador

    Email Address:

    High School: Magnificat

    College/University: Harvard University

    Why Do You Love LCA? Not only did LCA provide me with a strong educational foundation, but most importantly expanded my perception of what it means to be a student. I learned that memorized knowledge is not most valuable, but adaptability, critical creative thinking, independence, and collaboration are. I still have connections with my classmates and teachers, and will never forget how LCA’s strong community helped me feel supported as I developed my identity.

  • Liam McGuire

    Liam McGuire, Alumni Ambassador

    Email Address:

    High School: St. Ignatius

    College: Emory University, Class of 2022

    Why Do You Love LCA? LCA is the first place that gave me the opportunity to explore all my interests, and provided me with the resources and mentors to do so. I had incredible teachers who stoked my love for learning and pushed my intellectual boundaries, making the transition to high school so much easier. I met close friends that I still stay in touch with regularly while we’re hundreds of miles apart. My coaches on cross country and track teams gave me a space to explore my athletic pursuits, so much so that I have carried that specific passion into college NCAA competition. LCA allowed me to develop my mind, spirit, and body in a way very few schools could have, and for that I will always be thankful.

  • Taylor Peura

    Taylor Peura, Alumni Ambassador

    Email Address:

    High School: Magnificat

    College: Miami University

    Why Do You Love LCA?  I love LCA because of all the opportunities that it gave me and the ability to grow in my faith. My favorite part was being a House Leader for Sabedoria. I had the chance to spread my love for my school and faith with everyone in my house. In my 9 years at LCA, I learned a lot about myself and myself as a student. The IB program helped me to more deeply understand difficult concepts, which made the transition from grade school to high school a lot easier. Lastly, I loved the opportunities I had to improve my public speaking through communications class and Toastmasters. My experience at LCA was the best!