The LCA House System

The House System is an important and dynamic part of the Middle School experience at LCA. It is a leadership development model that was first pioneered at European universities, like Oxford, and made popular by the Harry Potter book series and movie franchise.

Inspired by our friends at the world-renowned Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, LCA was the first Catholic elementary school in Ohio to implement a House System. The LCA Houses help to create a powerful and positive school climate through a process that builds character, empowers academic excellence, fosters school spirit, enhances mentorship relationships, encourages healthy competition, and promotes a culture of belonging for all. And…it is A LOT OF FUN!

The LCA House System is made up of six houses, each with their own unique identity. The names of the Houses reflect the values we seek to develop in our students, and are in different world languages to mirror our commitment to diversity and global education. Each House also has a patron saint, a color, symbol, and motto. While individually unique, the House crests were designed in such a way to fit together in the shape of a cross, representing our shared faith and spirit.

Every House Has A Story: Click on the Crest to Learn More about each House.

House Crest for the House of Atenrosera. House Crest for the House of Ceartas. House Crest for the House of Sabedoria. House Crest for the House of Shanti. House Crest for the House of Speranza. House Crest for the House of Ujasiri.

House Events

Every year on the first day of school, fifth grade students anxiously await the moment when they are sorted into the House that will be theirs for the next four years. The students touch the magical House Key that activates an electronic roulette wheel that randomly lands on one of the six Houses. The student is immediately welcomed into their House with cheers by the older students of that particular house.

Each House is led by LCA teachers who serve as House Guardians, as well as two eighth grade students elected by their housemates as Heads of House. These two students have significant leadership responsibilities and serve as members of the school’s student governance council.

Students meet with their Houses about twice a month during an activity period where they develop leadership skills and collaboratively work on activities and projects in competition with the other Houses. These activities range from service and volunteer experiences, to artistic, athletic, and academic events. There are also plenty of just fun, school spirit competitions. The goal throughout the year is to be the House that accumulates the most house points and wins the coveted House Cup Championship!

History of House Cup Champions:

  • 2024: The House of Ceartas
  • 2023: The House of Ujasiri
  • 2022: The House of Ceartas
  • 2021: The House of Speranza
  • 2020: The House of Shanti
  • 2019: The House of Sabedoria
  • 2018: The House of Speranza
  • 2017: The House of Atenrosera

Although Each House is Unique, They are United as One in Faith…