At LCA, we offer a broad and exceptionally rich curriculum, beginning with our Reggio Emilia-based preschool program through 8th grade. We follow all curriculum requirements as determined by the Department of Education of the State of Ohio & the Office of Catholic Education in the Cleveland Catholic Diocese.

A curriculum guide for each subject is adopted by the Office of Catholic Education and approved by the Department of Education of the State of Ohio.

The course of study prescribes:

  • What is to be taught
  • Specifies subject matter objectives
  • Establishes a scope and sequence
  • Provides a basis for pupil evaluation

The administration and faculty of LCA have the responsibility to adopt, adapt, and implement the curriculum guides. These guides are available for review in the school office.

Our Academic Philosophy:

We believe that in order to teach most effectively, who we teach is just as important as what we teach. Our faculty members will be trained to differentiate their classroom instruction in order to address the needs of all learners. This will be accomplished through continual assessment of the students’ readiness, interests, learning profiles, and effect. Using the results of these assessments, the teachers will modify the curriculum content, process, and product, as well as the classroom-learning environment so that each student reaches his or her maximum potential as a learner.

Curriculum by grade level

Curricular Programs:


Religious instruction is central to our curriculum as well as core subjects: mathematics, language arts, social studies, science and health, and physical education.

In addition to those core subjects, the following courses contribute to an enriched curriculum:


All students in full-day preschool through 8th grade receive music instruction. Beginning in 4th grade, students have the opportunity to take small group instrumental music lessons and become a member of the Cadet Band, Advanced Band, and/or Jazz Band, at an additional cost.


All students in full-day preschool through 8th grade receive art instruction with an art teacher in its own dedicated classroom.

Foreign Language

All students have the opportunity to study a foreign language. Students in preschool through 4th grade receive instruction in Spanish once a week. 5th & 6th graders take French for 1 semester and Spanish for 1 semester 2 times per week. When a student reaches 7th grade, he or she chooses to concentrate on Spanish or French for 7th & 8th grade. Instruction takes places 2 times per week.

To complement our classroom language instruction, LCA is proud to offer online Rosetta Stone Language Learning technology to all students.  Rosetta Stone Instructions

Pre-Algebra, Algebra & Geometry 

Students in 8th grade are placed in pre-algebra, algebra or geometry based on their 7th grade math levels, scores and teacher recommendations.

Computer Education

All classrooms are equipped with computers and high-speed Internet access that has been filtered to eliminate social networking and other inappropriate content. Additionally, all students K-8 receive formal computer instruction, including instruction in the basic productivity programs. Two 30-unit iPad carriers/chargers are available to the faculty to check out for tablet work.

Extended Curriculum

This program currently serves students in grades 2-6 who demonstrate superior academic and/or cognitive ability. Your child can qualify for this program based on standardized test scores and/or teacher recommendations.


The goal of the our Technology Curriculum is to enhance the teaching and learning process with a wide variety of media by integrating technology throughout the curriculum and extending the boundaries of the learning environment.

In the context of their educational experience, students at LCA will participate in computer classes and use the computer as a tool in the classroom in every subject to execute projects, access information, create multi-media programs, reinforce concepts, and communicate with others. They will also come to understand that technology can enhance classroom learning as well as serve as a vehicle to connect to other people outside the classroom walls.