Arguably the Best

In Language & Literature class, LCA’s sixth grade Saints are introduced to the uses of propaganda and persuasion, in addition to the art of debate. Students work with a partner to research the affirmative or negative side of an assigned topic, then take to the podium and compete against each other in a classroom debate. The top two teams from each homeroom advance to the final round of competition on stage. The finalists further prepare both the affirmative and negative sides of the topic and debate using the Lincoln Douglas debate format. Ultimately, the team’s position is determined by a flip of the coin. Through this learning experience, students enhance the skills of research, collaboration, and communication. Additionally, our Arguably the Best event encourages students to use their voice, formulate their ideas, and speak to an audience.

Past Champions:

  • 2024 – Catherine Ramsak & Inez Somarriba, Cassie Arbeznik & Mary Brocklehurst
  • 2023 – Drake Harapiak & Peter Nowlin, Maddie Koons & Fionnuala Repenning
  • 2022 – Clare Brocklehurst & Kate Tumney, Hazel Volosin & Anna Williams

Past Finalists:

  • 2024 – Vivian Kuluris & Madeline Williams-Andrew, Gabe Stefanski & Thomas Szep
  • 2023 – Grace Litten & Elise Pietromica, Josh McNamara & Adrian Schwartzman
  • 2022 – Jack Arbeznik & Garrett Lupson, Ronan McGinty & Paul Wright

Arguably the Best DebateArguably the Best DebateArguably the Best Debate