Teacher Training

The Spark Conference: LCA Reignites Creativity and Innovation in Elementary Education

Lakewood Catholic Academy is a leader in elementary education and provides professional development opportunities for other elementary school educators and administrators.  Created in 2018, The Spark Conference has become one of Cleveland’s largest conferences for elementary educators.  The annual August event is a first class professional development experience that inspires and energizes teachers for the school year ahead.  The event features both nationally recognized leaders in education as well as breakout sessions led by Lakewood Catholic Academy teachers and administrators. Additionally, each year outstanding teachers are nominated by their principals to win one of the prestigious Spark Teacher Awards.

The 2024 Spark Conference will be held on August 6th and will feature Mr. Gerry Brooks!  Gerry Brooks is a veteran educator in Lexington, Kentucky. His educational experience includes six years in the classroom, two years as an intervention specialist, and 12 years as an administrator. He is a passionate public speaker whose focus is on encouraging and helping teachers improve their instructional abilities. He also has a desire to help administrators successfully lead their staff. An encouraging speaker, he has spoken to educational groups all around the nation. His focus is on encouraging teachers to improve their instruction through personal climate and culture strategies. He desires to help administrators focus on how to lead all staff in a positive and constructive manner. His following on social media has developed through humorous videos that focus on real-world educational experiences. He is currently followed on these social media sites by over 500,000 people.

What Teachers are Saying . . .

“Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the Spark experience.  It was the perfect way to “fire up” for the school year.  I stand in awe of the LCA staff and the excellence that is poured into the event – it was masterful and magical!  Kudos to every single individual – they treated us royally!”

“Thank you very much for planning such an awesome professional development day for teachers in the diocese.  The speakers were excellent!  The energy was palpable.  The excitement was just what we needed to start the year!  Every detail was noticed.  Thank you for sharing your vision and expertise with so many teachers who otherwise would not have had the experience of first rate presentations!”