Mission + Vision

Our Vision

Lakewood Catholic Academy strives to provide each member of our community with the highest quality educational experience that is rooted in the Catholic faith and the common humanity that unites us all.

Our Mission

Lakewood Catholic Academy educates tomorrow’s global leaders by providing an international, concept based curriculum expressed in contextual learning experiences.  We instill in each student a lifelong commitment and ethical responsibility to the Catholic principles of peace, justice, equality, service and respect for all life.

Our Core Values and Beliefs

We believe that each child is a unique and precious gift from God who is worthy of our love and respect and is highly capable of growth.

We believe in a holistic, balanced approach to the child, focusing on spiritual, emotional, academic, artistic, athletic and social development in equal measure.

We believe that a respect for a diversity of cultures and a commitment to global citizenship is foundational to an international education.

We believe that it is important for the school to work in collaboration with families, the Church, and our local and global communities in order to shape the faith formation of our students.

We believe that each child is an individual, and we must educate each child in a fashion that uniquely reflects that child’s particular needs and abilities.

We believe in nurturing our learners to be knowledgeable, principled, caring individuals who strive for personal and academic growth and are inspired to follow the example of Jesus Christ.