LCA is a Top Performing School in the Global Amazing Shake!

The Global Amazing Shake Competition is a contest that places an emphasis on teaching students professional conduct. Hosted by the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, this competition introduces students to the nuances of professional interaction as they are taught various skills such as how to give a proper handshake, how to provide high-quality answers in interviews, and how to remain composed under pressure. Over 7,400 student competed as part of this global event and the top 260 students participated in the final rounds in Atlanta. Our three Lakewood Catholic Academy qualifying students, Mather Taseff, Leo Amendola, and Bea Jarchow all did an outstanding job in the competition!  Mather, an eighth grade saint, ranked an AMAZING 28th in the competition!

Like the Global Amazing Shake, Lakewood Catholic Academy created the local school version of the competition called The Great Lake Shake in 2017.  Today’s Catholic Teacher Magazine and The National Catholic Education Association recognized LCA as a school of innovation for the development of this important program.  The Great Lake Shake gives our sixth graders an opportunity to master soft skills that are invaluable for being successful as they look to high school, college and beyond. Members of the business and educational communities judge our Saints on everything from proper eye contact, their handshake and table manners, to how well they can hold professional conversations.

Wondering what the Great Lake Shake looks like? Take a look at this video from a previous competition that captures the memorable experience for our sixth grade Saints at LCA! Click HERE to watch.


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