Dear Grown-Ups

It has been a challenging year, and the national violence at the beginning of January was almost too much to bear. Sometimes the wisdom of children is exactly what we need to hear in times of difficulty.  So, in that spirit, we asked some of our second, fourth and eighth grade saints to share some thoughts with the grown-ups of the world.  The following phrases are taken from what they shared with us…

Dear Grown-Ups,

We know that something is wrong.  We hear your hushed voices behind closed doors.  We see it when you turn on the news.

Why are you tearing each other apart?  When did it become a crime to compromise? Why have you let the world become such a toxic place?

You should consider asking yourself, “Is this what God wants?”

We think that adults and kids have swapped roles. If we acted the way some of you are acting, we would be sent to our rooms!

We hate to do it, but we have to use one of your lines, “We’re not mad, we’re just disappointed!”

You think your life experience has made you wise, but perhaps it has also hardened your heart.

So get your act together. We learn so much from you. We need you to be good examples for us.

Here is our advice:

Say you’re sorry when you do something wrong. If you do make a mistake, learn from it.

Try to understand others and see things from their point of view. We wish you would try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. The world does not orbit around you.

Use words, not fists. Words have strong meanings, so choose the words you say wisely (and don’t use bad words).

Instead of fighting why don’t you say, “This is my idea, can I hear yours?”

If you get mad, stop, take a breath, and calm down.  It’s always good to calm down and breathe.

Try to focus on the truth. The truth is important – it just takes a lot of listening to find it.

Pray and be like the saints – spread hope and love to others. If you see someone hurt, help them. Don’t forget to love your enemies too.

If you don’t want to do these things for yourselves, do it for US!

Oh and grown-ups, there is one more thing…

Many thanks to Miss Lacey and Miss Mullins for helping with this project.
If you would like to see a video of this message with music by Ms. Podhradsky please click HERE.

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