Expanding Horizons: The Power of a Global Education

In 2024, we can connect with people across the globe with the click of a button. This increased connection will present amazing opportunities as students develop into young adults, and it is our duty as educators to incorporate international thinking into our curriculum as seamlessly as possible. By incorporating global themes with traditional coursework, we empower students to learn about other cultures and viewpoints, to respect those alternative ways of thinking, and finally, how to apply those lessons in the real world.

Global Citizens in the Making
Learning about diverse cultures and viewpoints lays the foundation for raising informed and empathetic global citizens. When we learn about cultures that are different from our own, we first notice differences, but gradually realize that we have more in common than we first thought. In time, students transition from merely learning about other cultures to actively respecting them.

Cultivating Respect Across Borders
Beyond acquiring knowledge, a global education places a profound emphasis on respect. Respect for other cultures and viewpoints is a cornerstone of our educational philosophy at LCA. Students learn not only to appreciate the diversity that defines our world but also to approach it with an open heart and mind. And this respect is not just theoretical; it begins to show in their daily interactions with one another and with the world at large, creating a culture of understanding that extends far beyond the classroom.

Real-World Application
The true power of a global education takes shape when students apply their acquired knowledge and respect in the real world. Armed with a deep understanding of diverse cultures and ways of living, they become ambassadors of change, fighting for those who are underrepresented (even in the world of education). For example, by 2030 half of the world’s youth—over 800 million—will not have the basic high school-level skills needed to succeed in the world of work.[1] Whether it’s in the classroom, community, or their future workplace, globally-minded individuals bring a unique perspective that is rooted in respect and appreciation for those they meet. An international education equips students with the tools to navigate a world where collaboration, understanding, and adaptability are paramount.

In Conclusion
As we advocate for the power of a global education, let us remember that its impact extends far beyond academic excellence. It shapes individuals who are not only knowledgeable, but compassionate… not just skilled, but respectful. It creates young people who comprehend the intricacies of our diverse world, and actively contribute to its betterment. By embracing these international values, we prepare the next generation to embrace their differences, and to create a world that finds true unity in diversity.

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