Daily Uniform Guidelines

All students from kindergarten through grade eight are required to wear uniforms. Reasonable care and neatness with regard to cleanliness, dress, and appearance are required at all times. If a student is out of uniform for any valid reason, a note of explanation must be sent to the homeroom teacher.

  • Students may wear navy blue or khaki traditional style pants. Denim, joggers and cargo pants may not be worn, and all pants must be worn at waist level. A belt must be worn if the pants have belt loops.
    • Girls in grades K-4 may also wear a tunic style jumper, a V-neck pleated jumper, or a skort in the LCA uniform plaid. Uniform skirts should not be worn in grades K-4.
    • Girls in grades 5-8 may also wear a pleated skirt or a skort in the LCA uniform plaid. Skirts must be of appropriate length.
  • Navy or khaki walking shorts will be permitted in September, May, and June. Denim or cargo shorts, or shorts with any type of ornamentation/decoration, may not be worn. A belt must be worn if the shorts have belt loops.
  • Students may wear a white, burgundy, or navy long or short-sleeved polo shirt. The LCA logo is the only logo permitted. A polo shirt must be tucked in if it does not have a banded bottom. If a t-shirt is worn under the polo shirt, it must be solid white and short sleeved, with no visible logo. A white, navy or burgundy turtleneck may be worn under long-sleeved polos only.

Girls in grades K-4 may also wear long or short-sleeved white blouses or white turtlenecks with no ornamentation.

  • Socks must be visible and may be white, navy, burgundy, gray, black or brown. LCA spirit wear socks are also acceptable. Girls may also wear white, navy or black tights/leggings. If leggings are worn, they must be solid in color and full length. Socks must also be worn and must be high enough to cover the bottom of the leggings.

New for 2023-24: Girls in grades 5-8 are required to wear tights/leggings with their uniform skirt from October through April. Pants remain an alternative option for girls throughout the school year.

  • Students may wear dress or tennis shoes that are simple/conservative in color. Shoes that light up or contain a wheel, as well as open-toed and backless shoes (clogs, Crocs, slippers, etc.) are prohibited, along with bright, neon, camouflage, or glittery shoes. Shoes are to have non-marking soles. Students who choose to wear tennis shoes with their school uniform may wear the same shoes for PE. Students who choose to wear dress shoes will need a separate pair of shoes for PE.
  • Students may wear solid colored cardigans, pullover sweaters, or sleeveless pullover vests in navy, burgundy, or white.
  • The only hoodie permitted during the school day will be the LCA uniform hoodie. LCA hoodies purchased through athletics, as well as non-LCA hoodies, remain acceptable at recess as well as on dress down days.
  • LCA crewneck sweatshirts and quarter zips may be worn over the uniform shirt during the school day. Permissible sweatshirts and quarter zips are those purchased through the online LCA spirit shop, Schoolbelles or Lands’ End, those quarter zips issued to student Ambassadors, or any solid-colored burgundy or navy quarter-zip. Quarter-zips not issued through LCA are to be unadorned or may include only a small manufacturer’s logo. All other sweatshirts and quarter zips, including fleece jackets or attire issued through LCA athletics, are not permitted during the school day, except at recess.