Dress Down Guidelines

A student may choose to be out of uniform on his/her birthday. If the birthday falls on a weekend, he/she may choose to be out of uniform on Friday or on Monday. In addition, certain days will be identified throughout the school year as dress down opportunities to celebrate school spirit or to recognize/support a school or community event. Regardless of the purpose behind the dress down day, the following guidelines are to be followed any time a student is out of uniform.

  • Shirts must have sleeves. No tanks, spaghetti straps or midriff tops.
  • Shirt graphics must be appropriate (alcohol/drug/political references are prohibited).
  • Hats may not be worn in school, with the exception of specially themed days.
  • Shorts/skirts must be of appropriate length. Shorts may only be worn during the warm weather months of September and May/June. From October through April, students are not permitted to wear shorts over leggings.
  • Jeans, yoga pants, and leggings are permitted. If a student wears leggings, the top must completely cover the student’s bottom/rear end. Sweatpants are permitted, but may not have anything printed on the seat of the pants. Pajama pants are not to be worn.
  • Comfortable footwear is encouraged on dress down days. Wheelies and slippers are prohibited. Crocs are permitted on dress down days, but must be worn with socks.
  • Clothes should be clean, neat, and appropriate for a Catholic school.
  • If a student is unsure as to whether a planned outfit is appropriate, obtain permission from the homeroom teacher.