Reading Makes a Difference

Here at LCA we work to instill a culture of reading engagement. It is essential that we promote reading as a lifestyle both at school and at home. It is also important that our students see their teachers reading. One way in which we promote this is by posting “What I’m Reading” signs outside our classroom doors each month. Mrs. Greggs collects the titles of books that teachers are personally reading and then hangs the book covers outside of the classrooms. Students have definitely taken notice of these signs and have started talking about them as well.

Our goal is to get students interested in reading by choice rather than by necessity. In the same way in which we teach our students both intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, we want to teach them to appreciate books and all they have to offer. Reading cultivates improved vocabulary, language, communication, and writing skills. In addition, reading also enhances critical thinking and analytical skills, along with improved attention and concentration. Reading allows us the opportunity to learn new things, explore ideas, broaden one’s imagination and creativity, plus it helps to improve knowledge and overall achievement in the classroom. As a Language Arts and Literature teacher for the last 18 years, I can confidently say that the students who read more are typically better writers and overall students than those who don’t read as often.

Ironically, I was not much of a reader as a child. My mom was persistent though and kept pushing me to pick up a book. Eventually I found books that I enjoyed reading, and once I learned how to effectively read, I grew more confident in myself and my performance in school improved as well. At Lakewood Catholic Academy, we will always foster a love and appreciation of reading. We encourage you to do the same at home by finding time to read with your child. Video games, cell phones, tablets, etc. make it easy to move from one thing to the next very quickly. Taking time out of your busy days to slow down, sit, and read can pay dividends to your child’s future success.

~Meghann Campbell, Middle School Department Chairperson

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