Santa Delivered

This is always such a special time of year!

A time of reflection… Although, I’m pretty sure we are done thinking about this year.

A time to gather… or at least it used to be 🙂

A time to do for others… from your home. Actually, just stay over there.

A time to share food and drink… but in individually wrapped bags… and I can just leave it on your porch, thank you! No, no. That won’t be necessary to come out. Please don’t come out. I was actually just leaving. Ok, Bye! Merry Christmas!

And, a time to prepare for what’s ahead. ANYTHING. we will take anything!

My last December writing was about how to ‘take a deep breath in between all of the action’. This year I found myself arriving with – how to take a deep breath during 2020. That’s it. Just good ole’ life breathing…. you know, for survival 😉

But what if? What if Santa actually brought us what we’ve been secretly wishing for during all of those past holidays?! Did Santa already deliver?!

What if our gift is an actual quiet, reflective time of year? A holiday where gratitude is truly at the top of the list. Where the little things matter the most, because it might be all we have this year.

To truly spend time remembering those we cannot be with, and be grateful for those we can.

To look back on the ways we have come together for the greater good of humanity. Less greed. Our ego set aside. More how can I help YOU, and less, how can I help ME.

A reward if you will. A nod from Santa saying ‘sit down. enjoy this time. don’t worry. and thank you. Thank you for allowing yourself to show vulnerability this year. Thank you for believing! I know it’s easier for our kids to believe. But you adults… you can be tricky 😉

Believing in the world, believing in the spirit. And don’t you worry…. We WILL have festive Christmas’ again. We will gather again. Share food, drink, and hugs. Lots of hugs! But this year, my gift to you is… a silent night. A holy night.

You deserve it.

Love, Santa Claus

Be well.

Reflection written by LCA Parent and Founder of The Mat Project, Alysia McKean
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