Toddlers (12 to 23 Months)

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The Brigance is a developmental screening that provides a useful snapshot of a child’s development at a particular point in time. Quick, accurate screens that measure mastery of early development and academic skills can serve as the first step in assessing a child’s school readiness. Educators also use screening to readily identify potential developmental delays and giftedness, and to plan for interventions. The screening tools address the domains of Physical Development, Language Development, Academic Skills/Cognitive Development, and Self-help and Social-Emotional Skills. The domains and skills that we assess for toddlers are listed below. Please note that these are not inclusive to the learning in the classroom, and all of the Ohio Learning Standards are embedded in daily instruction.

Language Development

  • Develops and improves receptive language skills by looking at named objects and responding to simple commands
  • Identifies Parts of the Body
  • Identifies simple pictures
  • Knows the sounds animals make
  • Develops and improves expressive language skills by imitating sounds, pretend talking, saying real words, naming objects, and repeating phrases

Physical Development

  • Develops and improves gross motor skills in the areas of standing, walking, running and jumping
  • Develops and improves fine motor skills by grasping and releasing objects, unwrapping objects and pouring and dumping objects from containers

Self-Help Skills

  • Self-feeds with minimal assistance
  • Develops and improves dressing skills. Can usually remove shoes and other clothing

Social and Emotional Skills

  • Begins to show interest in others by initiating interactions with other children and adults
  • Imitates and mimics other children and adults
  • Begins to recognize nonverbal cues
  • Insists on doing things for himself/herself