Pre-K (4-5-Year-Old Children)

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The Brigance is a developmental screening that provides a useful snapshot of a child’s development at a particular point in time. Quick, accurate screens that measure mastery of early development and academic skills can serve as the first step in assessing a child’s school readiness. Educators also use screening to readily identify potential developmental delays and giftedness, and to plan for interventions. The screening tools address the domains of Physical Development, Language Development, Academic Skills/Cognitive Development, and Self-help and Social-Emotional Skills. The domains and skills that we assess for Pre-K children are listed below. Please note that these are not inclusive to the learning in the classroom and all of the Ohio Learning Standards are embedded in daily instruction.

Language Development

  • Names colors
  • Identifies pictures of everyday objects
  • Names parts of the body
  • Follows two and three step directions
  • Uses sentences of at least three words

Physical Development

  • Writes name and mastered pre-writing shapes and lines
  • Copies letters and numbers
  • Improves gross motor skills in the areas of balancing and hopping
  • Cuts on a line continuously
  • Writes numbers 1-5

Academic/Cognitive Development

  • Knows personal information (name, age and address)
  • Counts to 10 and recognizes quantities of objects
  • Recognizes numbers 1-10
  • Begins to recognize and name letters
  • Understands that letters have sounds
  • Recognizes environmental print
  • Learns left to right progression of print

What does it look like to be ready for kindergarten?

While our young Saints at Lakewood Catholic Academy each bless us with their own unique gifts and talents, there are some basic skills that all students should exhibit in order to be considered kindergarten-ready. Click here to view our kindergarten readiness chart.