A Father’s Prayer

Dear LCA Families,

As a school community we have knelt in prayer and raised our voices in petition to our God in response to the tragedy in Las Vegas.  Our collective heart aches for all those whose lives were lost and those forever altered by this act of violence.

While I treasure my role as an educator, my most important role is that of father. In moments like these, that are becoming all too frequent, I feel lost as a parent.  How do I explain such cruelty to my son?  I not only weep for the victims of these tragedies but also for my son, and all children, who face a world increasingly filled with hatred and violence.  And so I pray. And then pray some more.  And then even more.

In my prayer, I have discovered a source of hope.  My son and your children have the benefit of being part of a school community and faith that teaches love – a radical love, Christ’s love, a love that knows no bounds, embraces the stranger, mercifully forgives and calls forth compassion. The type of love the world so desperately needs. 

In the midst of national and global heartache, I hope this brings you peace.  Your children are taught love.  Yes, they will learn our world class curriculum complete with all the subjects you are familiar with, but most of all they will learn love and kindness.  May the love learned within the walls of LCA and the love experienced in your family inspire our children to heal a broken world.  

May God embrace all those who have suffered as a result of recent violence.  And may God continue to bless and keep you and your family today and always.

Brian Sinchak

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